Changes to Hair Fuel: LOWER Price + Better Formula!

Hey Fuel Fam!

Here at Hair Fuel we have been working OT to upgrade our processes to ensure that Hair Fuel is always available when you need it. We took that opportunity to also improve our formula to make it more effective and safer for you and your family. In the process we've had to make a few other changes as well. Read more below. 

New Price!!

We'll start with the best part of all these changes first: Hair Fuel will now be ONLY $21.99!!

Formula Changes

Namely, we have removed Titanium Dioxide, an ingredient that is no longer used in food products in the EU due to potential health concerns. 

DON'T PANIC! Hair Fuel is still safe to take and you can continue to finish whatever bottles you have left. That was an ingredient of concern for our customers after the EU added it to their list of off limits ingredients last year so we decided to have it removed from our formula as well.

In this formula upgrade we've not only removed what you don't want but we've DOUBLED the ingredients that you do! The amount per serving of all of the Good stuff in Hair Fuel including Vitamins A, C, B, E and collagen have all doubled and we've nearly tripled the amount of Biotin! We've also added two new ingredients: PABA (para-Aminobenzoic acid) AKA Vitamin B10 and Silicon (NO, not "silicone" lol) Both of these ingredients are naturally occurring compounds that aid in skin and hair renewal + a host of other benefits! 

All of these nutrients couldn't be packed into one little gummy bear so along with a new (and really delicious) passionfruit flavor, Hair Fuel will also change shape, to a little purple berry, and will be 2 gummies per serving.

Last but not least: Subscription Changes

With all these changes there will also be some slight changes to the way subscriptions work. There will be a slight pause in subscriptions as we transition over to the new formula. All subscriptions orders set to go through before 4/17/2023 will go out as normal. Any subscriptions orders set to process ON OR AFTER 4/17/2023 will undergo the following changes:

If you are subscribed to You will now be subscribed to
1 Bottle every 60 days 1 bottle every 30 days
2 Bottles every 4 months 2 Bottles every 60 days
2 Bottles every 60 days 2 bottles every 30 days
These changes will take effect on 4/17/20223.


New Subscription rates:

1 Bottle of Hair Fuel @ $21.99 +10% Off

2 Bottles of Hair Fuel @ $39.59 + 10% Off

As noted above there will be a slight pause in subscription orders going out. For Subscriptions that would process between 4/17/2023 and 4/23/2023 your orders will be processed between 4/23-4/31/23. This allows us time to switch over all of your orders to the new structure and you time to make any changes to your subscription.

If you would like to change, pause or cancel your subscription, you can do so at anytime by emailing 


Thank you Fuel Fam as always for rocking with us!

Much Love,

Team Hair Fuel