The 3 Products Every Blonde Needs

Anyone who lightens their hair knows that it can take hours at the salon to achieve the perfect blonde, but what happens to that perfect color once you leave the salon? Hair dyes and toners can be very damaging to hair, so it’s important to moisturize and strengthen your hair between appointments. This can be done in a few ways and by adding a few staple products into your hair routine. If you keep reading, you’ll find my favorite products (as a blonde also trying to keep up with her color) to keep blonde hair toned and healthy.

Best Blonde Hair Care Products

1. A High Quality Purple Shampoo 

I’m sure you have heard that purple shampoo is important for keeping your hair blonde, but what does purple shampoo actually do? For starters, purple shampoo is meant to pick up where the salon toner leaves off. In the salon, toner is used to eliminate brassy, yellow-orange undertones but doesn’t last forever, so purple shampoo can be used to adjust your tone between appointments. Here are some of the best purple shampoos on the market:

Biolage ColorLast Purple Shampoo $21 (this is the one in my current routine)

Redken Color Extend Bondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo $24

Olaplex Nº.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo $28 

2. A Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

As I talked about earlier, consistent bleaching and dyeing of hair can be drying and damaging, so a deep conditioner is essential to keeping hair moisturized. A good deep conditioner or deep conditioning mask can prevent damage and breakage while leaving hair very soft and silky. Some deep conditioning masks also have toning components, so it combines toning and conditioning into one step. These are a few of my faves:

L’ange Violet Purple Toning Masque $40 (leaves my hair feeling insanely soft)

Tgin Honey Miracle Hair Mask Deep Conditioner $18 

Olaplex Nº 3 Hair Perfector $28

3. Hydrating Leave-In Products 

Leave-in products at the end of your hair routine can be essential to blonde hair care. There are many products on the market that can help with the health of your hair and prevent future damage. Oils often help strengthen the bonds of your hair and prevent breakage, and leave-in conditioners usually have some anti-frizz qualities, hydrate your locks, and keep your hair silky smooth. Here are a few recommendations to get you started:

It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In for Blondes $21 

Kérastase Blond Absolu Strengthening Hair Oil $52

Pravana The Perfect Blonde Leave-In Treatment $20

Blonde Woman in Bathroom

All of these products are great to incorporate into your hair routine to maintain your blonde hair and healthy locks. Your hairdresser’s job is to get you that perfect blonde color, but it’s your job to maintain that color till your next appointment and keep your hair healthy. To all of my fellow blonde babes, take these recommendations and find the products that work for you to keep your blonde fresh and healthy!


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