About the Brand

About the Brand

The Owner

Ebony Amour Lewis

Ebony is talented hair care professional with over 20 years in the business. A Philly native who relocated to Oahu, HI in 2012, she did hair out of her apartment for 3 years before finally opening her first storefront, Salon Meamoure, with the help of her husband Jeremy in 2015! Ebony's desire for her salon and her clients has always been to serve all people from all walks of life with passion and excellence. In 2020 God made major moves in Ebony and Jeremy's lives which led them to sell the salon they had spent 5 years building and sent Jeremy to Nasvhille, TN, with Ebony following shortly after. In a huge leap of faith Eb left the only career she had ever known as a hair stylist, moved across the country to a brand new city, but was determined to continue to help care for her clients' hair and so Hair Fuel was born. Through this brand Eb continues to pursue her passion for hair by helping clients nationwide maintain healthy, beautiful hair!

At Hair Fuel

The Expertise

With 23 years in the Hair Care Industry, servicing clients of every hair type and texture. From Philly to Hawaii, we have serviced clients all over the nation. We also have 5 years of teaching experience, offering other hair care professionals continued education in their craft. We say all that to say, you can trust that at Hair Fuel WE KNOW HAIR!

We put our years of experience into offering products that help you maintain, grow and protect healthy hair from home.


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