Best Sources of Collagen For Body


In the last blog, we talked a lot about collagen, what it does, the many benefits, and overall why you should be conscious about how much collagen you’re getting. This blog, however, is all about how you can improve your collagen intake!

To start, let’s do a quick review of what collagen is/why it’s beneficial for you.

  • Collagen is a very abundant protein in your body responsible for tissue growth (eg. skin and muscles)
  • Collagen also is responsible partly for hair/nail growth, and it’s an important part of having clear, healthy skin. 
  • Collagen is hydrating and strengthening for skin, hair, nails, and more, and it also boosts growth of hair and nails.
supplement, collagen foods

It’s evident that collagen has many benefits, but how can you get more of it? 

  • Collagen rich foods such as fish, chicken, and bone broth
  • Lots of fruits and vegetables !! 
  • Foods with lots of vitamin C, this helps encourage natural collagen production
  • Collagen supplements - many of these come in a powder form that is easily dissolvable in beverages, and this form of collagen is already broken down and easily absorbed by your body
  • Other multivitamins (such as HairFuel!) contain many good vitamins, including collagen, for promoting hair, nail, and skin health

Getting more collagen in your diet and in your supplements doesn’t have to be difficult, but collagen should be an essential part of your diet. Be mindful of your collagen intake, and consider adding in a simple supplement or multivitamin to ensure your skin is as healthy as can be!


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