What Are the Benefits of Collagen?

Collagen is one of the most popular supplements on the market currently, but what does collagen actually do for you and why is it good for you? There are many different benefits of collagen that range from overall health to healthy hair (which is a great reason to include collagen supplements when trying to grow out your hair). To really understand the benefits of collagen, let's find out what really is collagen and what does it do in your body?

For starters, collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, and it is a main component of many of the tissues in your body. Some of these tissues include skin and muscles, so it can improve a lot of different things when you get more collagen in your diet or by supplements (like Hair Fuel!!!). Lots of foods contain collagen, but some research has shown that collagen supplements (which have already been broken down) are more effective than just dietary changes.

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One of the most famous claims of collagen is the improvement of skin health because collagen is a major component of skin composition. Increasing collagen levels can hydrate and improve elasticity of skin, preventing dry and wrinkly skin. There are also reports of reduced acne and skin conditions with collagen supplementation, but this hasn’t been proven. 

Since collagen is known for its strengthening and hydrating properties, it is also great for hair and nail growth. Keeping hair and nails hydrated will prevent brittleness and strengthen them, helping them grow at a faster rate and keep them overall healthy. 

Collagen has also been seen to improve gut health and contribute/help with weight loss, but there are no studies that currently backup this information. Beneath the surface, there is scientific evidence that collagen supplements can benefit joint, bone, muscle, and heart health.

Overall, collagen is a very important part of our bodily functions and plays a big role in skin health. Taking collagen supplements is a great way to increase your collagen intake and improve the glow and hydration of your skin while also keeping your nails and hair strong and healthy! Consider adding a supplement including collagen, like Hair Fuel, for a wide variety of benefits while only adding a gummy vitamin to your daily routine!


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