Does Biotin Work For Men?

If you’ve been keeping up with the weekly HairFuel blogs, you’ve seen the many benefits of biotin already! Usually biotin supplements are geared towards women to promote healthy hair growth, but men can benefit from them too! 

HairFuel Biotin Gummies

To start, here’s the rundown on biotin (if you haven’t already read the previous blog). Biotin is a vitamin B7 which helps with many bodily functions. Some of these include metabolizing fats and amino acids, converting food to energy, liver metabolism, and it most importantly aids cell growth. One of the main benefits of taking biotin supplements is the promotion of cell growth, particularly keratin. Keratin is what makes up your hair and nail cells, so biotin is essential for taking care of your hair and nails. Biotin is an important part of your diet, and there can be some consequences in the case of biotin deficiency. 

Some of these effects include losing hair, which can be the source of hair loss in men and women. It can also result in brittle hair and dry skin. None of these side effects are favorable, so it’s key to make sure biotin is present in your diet and in your supplements. 

For men specifically, biotin can help with achieving a fuller head of hair and a fuller beard. Biotin is known to stimulate keratin production and increase the rate of hair follicle growth in a natural way. This isn’t to say that biotin can cure hair loss, but it can help increase your hair growth. 

Man with Full Beard

I know it’s not common to see advertisements of men taking biotin supplements, but there’s no reason that there shouldn’t be promotions about the benefits of men’s biotin! Maintaining healthy levels of biotin is important in preventing male hair loss, and by taking a biotin supplement (like HairFuel), you can improve hair growth and achieve that fuller beard. Feel free to keep reading on the HairFuel blog talking more about biotin supplements here, and to test out some of these benefits, give biotin supplements a try!


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