Why Should You Be Using a Silk Pillowcase?

Silk pillowcases are another great piece to add into your hair care routine, but all you have to do is put the pillowcase on your pillow. It also adds a little flare and glamor to your bedtime routine. Making the easy switch from cotton pillowcases to silk/satin pillowcases is a cost-effective way to improve hair health! Keep reading to find out about each of the benefits a silk pillowcase can offer. 

silk pillowcase

For starters, silk is a very smooth fabric compared to cotton, meaning it doesn’t cause damage and friction with hair particles. Less friction means less frizz than if you were using just a cotton pillowcase. Along with the benefit of less friction, less tugging on hair cuticles means less chance of hair damage and breakage! The smooth texture will also lead to less tangles in your hair, which greatly reduces bedhead and can even shorten hair fixing time in the mornings. Some of these benefits are especially crucial for curly haired girls, who can be much more prone to frizzy hair. 

Another benefit of the smooth satin pillowcases are great for preserving moisture in your hair. Unlike cotton, silk is not very porous, meaning it won’t soak up all the moisture from your hair. For those who have naturally dry hair or are struggling with dry hair, consider trying a silk pillowcase to preserve some of that moisture! Because silk is not porous and wicks away moisture rather than absorbing it, silk pillowcases stay cool throughout the night. 

Frizz control done by silk pillowcases also helps keep your favorite style intact for longer. Whether this be braids, a blowout, or curls, the soft fibers of a silk pillowcase will keep styles lasting frizz free. 

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Both silk and satin pillowcases are pretty similar overall, and they’re often used interchangeably. Silk is often more luxurious and more expensive than satin, and satin is usually less expensive and is blended with other fabrics. They overall have the same effects, but silk is hypoallergenic and less absorbent than satin (but both are less absorbent than cotton). No matter the choice between silk and satin, both will leave your hair less frizzy and more manageable after sleeping on a silk/satin pillowcase. 

Here are a few of the best silk/satin pillowcases on the market:

ZIMASILK Silk Pillowcase $20

Fishers Finery Silk Pillowcase $60

YANIBEST Silk Pillowcase $23


Overall, silk pillowcases are a very cost-effective option to stop hair breakage, reduce frizzy hair, and maintain hairstyles for longer periods of time. They also keep your hair staying hydrated while keeping your head cool throughout the entire night. Look into one of the great silk pillowcase options listed above to glam-up your bedtime routine while improving your hair health!


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